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uTorrent capped at 30kB/s


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I've never seen this happen before. My downloads are capped right around 30 kB/s for some reason. It's as if I'm on DSL, if one of the torrent speeds goes up the other goes down. If I am downloading 2 files and I delete one the other doubles.

I used to get 500kB/s and now it's at 30 for some reason. I have not changed any of my settings but I did switch to a new motherboard. As far as I know my ports are forwarded correctly and my uTorrent is set up properly as well.

I even tried the tcpip.sys patch (which I never had to use before) and set the half open to 50 but still the same results. I can download from websites fine, average about 700kB/s and good sites I can get to 1.5MB/s easily.

But uTorrent seems to be capped at 30kB/s now all of a sudden. Even the well seeded ones where I connect to over 300 seeds it's still capped at 30. Anyone ever experience anything like this before or know what's wrong?

I'm using a DI-524 router and the light is green.

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A "Download Limited" state happens when you set the upload speed too low.

At 5 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed max, the download speed max is capped at 30 KiloBYTES/sec.

If that's not the problem, it is most certainly odd that it is consistently hitting that number.

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