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Cant get my old down speed back =\


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Hi there

Ive decided to format my pc to fix some bugs... I also bought a new router, D-Link 604, and nowadays i cant seem to get my old download speed back.. I think that ive messed up with my config or my router sucks lol (yes, ive read the FAQ)

heres my info according to the sticky

- Ive tried almost everything lol

- theres a green light at the bottom of my utorrent... is that it?

- speed guide says that my port is working fine..

- Upload limit: 1120kb/s

connects per-t -> 120

max active torrents:10

uploads slots:5


max active dl:5

- Windows XP SP2

- I have NOD32 Antivirus and Ad-aware

- Router: DI 604 and Motorola Cable Modem SB5101

- Net Virtua ISP (Brazil)

- My Speeds... 400kb/s dl and 62kb/s ul according to the test

My internet connection is 4mbit/600kbit DL/UP okk??

thanks ahead

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