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Speed trouble with BT HomeHub


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Hi all,

At my girlfriends place, we just got the BT Homehub yesterday, and these speed fluctuations are driving me mad. Set it all up and when downloading, one minute I get speeds of up to 120KB/s next minute I get 15KB/s ( just look at the image, taken with 30 secs step)


Right here are all the settings, as I have them set up. Hope anyone can give me some advice here, coz I am going banana's !

Thanks a lot guys and girls

- Color of the network status light : GREEN

- What the port checker from the Speed Guide writes - OK! Port XXXXX is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

- Speed Guide Settings: UL limit: 24KB/s

UL slots: 3

Connections per torrent: 55

Connections global: 90

Max active torrents: 1

Max active downloads: 1

- OS system Windows XP

- Security: Windows Firewall - McAfee Firewall - AVG

- Router model: BT HomeHub (option 3) connecting wireless to it with Netgear WG111v2 Adapter (tried with the ethernet cable directly to the hub and same result)

- ISP: BRit Telecom

- connection type: broadband - Speed Test: DL 956 - UL 247

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Hm. Try lowering your global maximum upload rate to... 20? Your settings don't seem too bad overall, so the only other thing I can think of is to try lowering the global maximum number of connections further (little by little -- 5 at a time?)... or something. What is your net.max_halfopen set to, and have you ever patched TCPIP.sys?

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As far as I know I have not patched the TCPIP.sys, but have done so now.

the net.max_halfopen is set to 8. I am now trying with a setting of 4

as desribed in the READ FIRST thread

*** UPDATE***

- The net.max_halfopen set to 4 id not work well so set it back to 8

- The funny thing is, that when I set the Global Max DL higher I seem to get better and more stable DL speeds as well

So instead of goig down to 20 or 15 etc (orig 22) I have now set it to 40 and it runs better.

DL between 70 - 80 KB/s - UL 25 - 30 KB/s

I am really BAFFLED, can somebody give me some advise please?

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OOps sorry, that was my mistake. I mean the Max Global UL rate.

According to the Speed guide I should set it to 22. Tried with lower speeds, and didnt change much.

So now I hve set it to 40 and I am getting much faster DL speeds as well. Thats hat baffles me

Apologies for the mistake

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Well, the more you give the more you (should) get - this is how bittorrent protocol generally works, the only restriction to this rule is upload capacity of your internet connection. The question is are you sure that yours is 956/247 (and not more? especially upload)

That said, British Telecom is known for throtling torrents ("only" daytime though) so maybe this is the reason of such unstable speeds.

Ah, and one more thing - are you sure that any other app doesn't use (or trying to) your precious upload bandwidth?

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Hi again,

Yeah I am sure that no other app is using any bandwith. By the way, the image on the top (speed) was taken at bout 2am, so can have nothing to do with daytime throtteling.

About my speed, I just ran the speedtest (9pm UK time) 4 times, and these where the results:

1) 804 / 197

2) 812 / 195 AVERAGE: DL 889 - UL 220

3) 974 / 245

4) 967 / 245

The test was run on BroadbandMax.co.uk

The only thing I could imagine, is that it is a setting on the HomeHub or maybe interference from my TV's Freeview box???

I was also thinking of maybe uninstalling and re-installing UTorrent

*** UPDATE***

As it happens I needed a copy of open office for a friend. downloaded it, and the average DL speed was 120.

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