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Others can download from me, I can not download from Azureus users


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I am trying to download a file and I can see that many AZUREUS clients are connecting to my computer and downloading the parts that I have. But I can not download the parts that they have and I don't.

I have 60% of the file and they have more than 80%. They are downloading from my computer, but my Utorrent 1.6.1 is not downloading from them !!!

I have noticed that BITCOM clients are behaving the same way.

My Utorrent Only start to download when other Utorrent clients are online and having the parts that I need.

I have noticed this problem for one specific file. I remember that in before I was able to download from any type of user.

Anyone has idea about this?

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A T-1 line CANNOT download "1.5 Mega Byte/Sec".

A T-1 line is 1.5 megabits/sec both down and up. This works out to be about 150-180 KiloBYTES/sec file (or torrent) transfer rate.

Your internet connection is probably less than one TENTH as fast as you think it is!

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