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downloads are slower then normal for over a week...


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so for over a year now i've used bittorrent then utorrent and with little problem. granted i had it setup so it used every bit it could, thus leaveing my ability to surf the web limited while it was going, but i was ok with it because i could dl a gig in about 20 minutes (not bad since my isp sucks). well recently, my weekly dl has taken way longer then ususal, it's the same size every week, but it's gone from taking 10 minutes to over an hour and a half, and i hadnt done anything that i know of to cause this. i've gone thru the guides and i've done everything i could find that might be the problem, includeing redoing the config, updateing the router firmware, and so on, but nothing seems to help. the trackers i use havnt changed and when i try it at the neibors it runs much better... so i doubt it's on their end.

i use port 65500 and the checker comes back "OK! Port 65500 is open and accepting connections."

speed guide is on xx/384k and with no changes to the settings it puts.

i run windows xp, media center edition

other then nod32 anti-virus i dont run any other security programs, and i have the windows firewall to unblock both the port manualy and the program it's self.

router is linksys wrt54g v3.1

comcast cable is the isp (formaly adelphia before they were bought out)

my connection is cable run thru a wireless router

the speed test thing was 3096 up, 427 down (see image for verification)


i'm just at a loss as to why it started running so slow (started 2 weeks ago) but more importantly, i hope someone can point me in the right dirrection as to how to fix this, because with how slow it's running, something is up.

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What are your utorrent connection settings?

Do you monitor your bandwidth using any third party software?

Did you start using any other network application lately - anything that consumes bandwidth (can be game, other p2p, network phone, videoconferencing etc)

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