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A few problems.


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Hi everyone.

I have a few problems with µtorrent. I have been a user since version and I am a frequent visitor of this forum to see what problems other users have and to solve my problems. Only today have i decided to register and join this forum.

I have switched from BitTornado, an excellent and simple client, because i started having problems with the max 60 connections(max 63 on my pc) and I found out it was a problem between windows and python.

So I started looking for a good and simple non-python client and I found µtorrent. :D I thought my problems where solved. But when I started using µtorrent I discovered some problems.

First of all the downloadspeed is not very high on (well seeded) torrents and both the downloadspeed and uploadspeed are fluctuating like mad, even when I limit the speed to the the max of my connection. It's like it's waiting for a request before sending data, then the speed drops to 0.0 and a request is recieved again and this starts over again.

I have tweaked with the settings and with no result except a little higher download and uploadspeed, but the fluctuating still exsists and the speed are never or rarely my max speed(I have a 2Mbit/512Kbit connection)

It is NOT the torrents that are the problem and I am NOT saying µtorrent is faulty. But I have tried everything to get this working. Very well seeded public torrents (10000+ seeders) also don't reach my max speed even with a few hundred seeders connected.

These are my settings:



Here is an example of the speeds/fluctuation:


As you can see network is ok so thats not the problem, UPnP is Disabled and i have used computers a long time now so i know a thing or two about portforwarding


P4 3,06 GHz

1024 Mb RAM

360GB HD space

so it's not my pc and it's also not my ISP. BitTornado works ok. Port forwarded is 50000, I used 15000-15020 with BitTornado and it worked perfectly (also tried 15000 on µtorrent without result). Ram and CPU usage is not a problem as long as the speeds are high and there is almost no fluctuation.

I hope I gave you guys enough info and I hope you can help me. :D

Thanks in advance and compliments on the client to the developers. ;)

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First lower your connections ... it allows too many unless you adjust at start time.

Do you really run 30 torrents at a time?

I pre-allocate torrent disk space. eliminates disk allocation during DL. Performance +

No sure about half-open conns ... left that at default. Yours seems high either way!

I would do something like this:

Gbl Max # Conn: 1500

Max Conn Per Torrent: 50-100 (somewhere in there)

Max Upl Slots: 10-20 (depending on your UL speed)

Think all may agree that this is a nominal setting!


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ok thanx for the replies

Im still running SP1 so I don't think thats a problem. :)

I have set new settings:

Gbl Max conns: 1200

Max conns per torrent: 100

max upload slots: 10

Still no improvement. :( When i started using µtorrent I had set the settings to something like this, but it didn't help, thats why they are so (ridiculously) high. :P

I have set diskio.coalesce_writes to true because I don't care about a little more memory/CPU usage, and changing it to false doesn't improve anything. :)

The question about the requests still is unanswered, it looks like the client sends a little bit of data only when it is requested and because of that the speed drops and another request is mad and the speed shoots up again. That's whats causing the spikes. Any suggestions on that?

EDIT: ehhh... :o it just started working like an angel lol (although it does this sometimes, on rare occasions), don't know if it's because of the settings but i'll see how long it will stay this way.

Thanx everyone and keep your suggestions coming ;)

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just a suggestion: make sure the ports are opened (if you are using a non random port) in the "firewall" settings of your router, not the "port forwarding", as this only allows outgoing connections from your µt to outside not for incoming connections, it closes them soon after you drop the connections. i think that could have an impact.

and yeah dang your numbers are very high. if you have a router you're basicaly just flooding it with outgoing connections.

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Well the thing is I don't use my routers firewall, it's disabled but thanks for the suggestion. :)

I use mcafee firewall and i have opened the port there.

It seems my download is ok now, but my upload can sometimes reach high speeds but it fluctuates like mad.:P It goes from 50kb to 3kb or something like that. It's not good for my ratio and i'm unable to seed like this.:(

Please more suggestions are welcome. ;)

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I have set it to 4 upload slots per torrent and and im seeding 4 torrents.

Max upload to 45kbps(63kbps is my max). :)

It also does not connect to the peers and if it does the connection is lost quickly. and the upload fluctuates as i said earlier.

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Just yesterday it started disconnecting my internetconnection.:( Sometimes it takes 2 min. sometimes it runs fine for hours and then suddenly disconnects my internet. When I look at my connection icon on my taskbar it tries to send out packages but it doesn't recieve any. I have to reconnect my UTP cable or reset my router for the connection to return. It is not my router because the other computer does have internet. Is this a common problem??

EDIT: nevermind, it had notting to do with µtorrent. :)

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