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Unbelievably Slow!


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I downloaded uTorrent last night and I began downloading movies. I was told that uTorrent tends to download good quality movies at a fast speed...wasn't the case with me. I'll be lucky to reach 5kb/s (on an average, I'm dowloading in the 0.1-0.9 kb/s range). It's telling me it's going to take WEEKS! to finish. And after viewing comments left by many speed related issues, people were saying how they can get up in the 500 kb/s range!! I wish...! So, basically I need someone to guide me through and let me know what I'm doing or what I've done wrong, cuz obviously there's something. I used the speed guide and chose the server closest to my location and it ran 4705 kb/s download speed and 463 kb/s upload speed with a latency of 11ms (whatever that means). As you might know, I'm still new to the terminology computers offer, so if someone can help me...go easy. haha. My connection type is xx/384k. Do I need to raise or lower the connection speed? My port is 62763 and says it's working properly. I don't know what other information I need to give to find someone to help me, but if you can, it'd be most appreciated!

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