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changing the download folder for individual started torrent


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i lke to set default dl location (like utorrent can already)

but for some torrents i would like to be able to manualy change the locations the files are (eg, if i finished dl'ing and i want to more file to storage location, and then continue seeding

thanks would be great (together with DHT this would make the best client, till then its bitcomet, though you have shown me how bloated it is. as for azureus - why people like it is beyond me)

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I have been looking for this feature for a long time.

I know that you can "Set download directory" and then manually move each torrent and then start. But it can be _very_ time consuming if you have download a lot of torrents and want to move them later on. It's also very convenient if you have a "Storage disk" and "temporary disk".

Basically add:

Under right-click torrent-> Advanced -> Add "Set download directory and move files".


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I want to add my voice in support of a "move files" capability for active (downloading and seeding) torrents.

I would suggest the ability (from the FILES tab) to select one or many files within the torrent. From the right-click menu allow selection of a "Move" option which would allow the user to browse to a new directory location. µTorrent would automate the now-manual process of stopping the torrent, moving the files to the new location, updating the internal pointers and re-starting the torrent. Of course, a new column on the FILES tab showing the full path to the file would be incredibly useful.

This would serve a multitude of purposes - and make it really easy for µTorrent users to continue seeding after a download completes and we want to move the files to interim (eg. waiting to be watched) or final library directory locations.

It would also really facilitate the moving of active torrents when free disk space is getting low.

Thanks for the great job you've done creating µTorrent - it's easy to use and incredibly reliable!

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I was just about to post a requst for this when I see it's already a hot topic.

This NEEDS to be done.

I've run into a problem downloading multiple large torrents whereby the seed has disappeared. I now have torrents sitting at 90%+ waiting for someone to seed them. The problem is that collectively, they take up almost 75GB and I'm running out of disk space. It gets to the point where some running torrents fail because they don't have enough space because hung torrents aren't being moved off the drive.

I realize this can be done manually but it's tedious.

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Show dialog on manual add does what the OP wants now.

Being able to move files within µTorrent is a sound idea. I think one of the consequences though is raised support issues. µTorrent user will inevitably post "I tried to move my movie.avi from µTorrent, but it didn't work". S/he blames µTorrent, but really it was their firewall or anti-virus program that was still using it.

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People are just human. We may want to do what helps the community, but often only when it doesn't get in the way of what we need / want to get done. When I see that the number of seeds for a torrent is really low, I'd like to continue seeding it. But sometimes I don't, because it takes an extra chunk of time to restart the torrent after I move the files to where they need to be.

With an automated "move files" feature as I described on my post of 7-28-2008 it would cost me no extra time to continue seeding after I move the files, and I'd do it a lot more often. I'll bet many other people would, too - especially those fortunate enough to be sitting on a phat pipe.

The whole torrent community would benefit.

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I've been hoping for something like this for a while. You have my vote. What I've been doing is this:

1. stop the torrent

2. move the files manually

3. right click on the torrent ... Advanced > Set Download Location ...

4. browse to new download location, hit ok

5. start torrent

6. repeat for each torrent to move to the same place.

What I've been hoping to see for a while is this:

1. Select a group of torrents

2. Right click, Advanced > Move Files

3. Browse to new location, hit ok.


4. Sit back and watch while, one by one each torrent: is automatically stopped, has files copied to new destination, has files removed from original location (optionally?), has re-hashing queued up (if necessary), and is returned to its original status (downloading, seeding, forced, etc).

There's already code to perform actions on more than one selected item, functions to save and change a torrent's state, and there's code to move files (e.g. upon download completion).

Given all the complexities and wonders of the uTorrent feature set, I hope this is trivial to code, that we might get to see it added soon. If the source were available, I'd have uploaded a patch instead of this post. :o)


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For the rest of the people who don't care to read that... the link is to a copy of a guide apparently from what.cd and guess what?? It recommends our very own Ultima's BFE editor, found @ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306 , it's useful, and so is the original thread. :D Guess there are more fans out there lurking Ultima.

One point however, they direct link to the older .6 version

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