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Change UTorrent from One PC to Another


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hi all,

I have a problem that i can not solve

i use to have UTORRENT installed in my LapTop and do all the downloads there

now i fix my other PC, and i want to transfer allmy current Utorrent activity and downloads to that PC so i can leave it always connected

the problem is that i can not find a way of taking the -middle percentage downloaded- files from the lap top to the pc so they finish the download there

if i move the torrent and the 60% downloaded files from one computer to the other, it starts from 0% again


¿¿¿ how can i "migrate" the downloads from one PC to another and continue the download from the % where i stopped in the original PC ???

ok thaks a lot in advance



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If you are copying files to same "same directory" in the new computer it should be pretty easy. Guess you have to "stop" all downloads first. Then copy all files including the setting directory to the new computer. Force recheck of the torrents and after then you start the torrents.

If directory is different click on each .torrent for launch but untick start. Then you can recheck first and afterwards start.

I have done several "moves" without problems

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