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Filters in RSS feeds able to bypass schedule settings?


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Hey all,

I love the RSS functionality that uTorrent provides but would love to suggest one thing.

Is it possible to add a setting within the RSS filters to bypass the schedule settings and start (kinda like a Force Start)??

I have a few RSS feeds setup on ratio sites and would therefore love to have these start straight away so I can upload as much as I can quickly.

I also have a few feeds which are public and would like to schedule these to my off-peak quota.

Having this setting would allow specific filters to download immediately (regardless of the scheduler), with the rest obeying the scheduler rules.

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1) Don't link directly to the YES vote. That's also known as cheating to bloat the vote count.

2) NiteShdw's feature requests list isn't even official, and the devs don't necessarily look at the page, so exactly who said it was on the todo list?

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