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Resuming partial downloads

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hi there, i apologise in advance for asking this question i know you guys/gals are sick of seeing it over and over again. I have read the FAQs over and over again...searched through the forums for post similar tried some of the answers offered but just can not seem to do it...so here is my plight..

I have a setup folders in my E drive for my torrents.

Finished(completed downloads)

Storage_finished(torrents of completed downloads)

New(current torrents downloading)

I started to download a couple of torrents and got a fair way through them (50% of a 45gb torrent and 60% of a 10gb torrent). All was going swell untill i had to reinstall XP. I also rearranged my drives so what was E:\ is now D:\. I backed up my entire %AppData%\uTorrent folder and i also kept the same folder structure for my torrents but just moved them to another drive.

I have installed utorrent 1.6.1 (490) and copied my backed up %AppData%\uTorrent files into the new one on my current OS install. I changed the new/Finished/Storage_finished folders location from E to D. I stopped the downloads and went advanced and set download location to where the partial downloads are. I then started the downloads again. 1 of the 2 torrents i was downloading has become active but my % of complete is back to 0 and the other download has error.cant open torrent file e:\downloads\etc\etc. I have tried doing the autoload thing described in the migration guide but that didnt work either :(.

Please help me out because it took me ages to download parts of these torrents and i have tried to figure this out best i could but still getting nowhere..im not sure wether i did not fully understand some of the guides or just misread the info but if u could just help me eliminate user error and take me through step by step i would be very grateful :)

thanks in advance


EDIT: problem fixed. I deleted all that was in my %AppData%\uTorrent folder, made a blank settings.dat file and used file>add torrent, selected the torrent of my partial download and told it to save it in the folder that contained the partial download and i have my % back :) It was like my resume.dat had the wrong settings in it or something because no matter what i did i always kept getting the same error mentioned above. So i just started fresh and it worked...wooohoo utorrent back up and running again...damn i missed it lol :)

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Psilo you're a Star! Thanks a lot man! :)

Actually i did it even simplier than you , i copied all the *.torrents from the old

%AppData%\uTorrent folder to the new one , than copied all the unfinished folders to the

new "location of downloaded files" and than i opened them in the new Application Data folder.

Note for those who are searching Application Data everywhere: its a hidden folder,you have to enable to see hidden folders to see it.

C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Application Data

Cheers again Psilo you saved our life. :)

Ps. honestly i dont understand why isnt it in the FAQs , its so simple to do it.

Sorry for ranting but it's kinda lame that they havent put it there yet...

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Yes , only it doesnt explain:

- how to do it with a folder (not a file) downloaded partially

"Loading multiple torrents stored in a single folder."

is just too complicated...

- where to find your .torrents files

and my explication is much more simpler imo.

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Regardless of simplicity, that the guide exists means it is explained somewhere that's just as easily accessible as the FAQ, and so doesn't absolutely need to be in the FAQ. In any case, Pelo explained it in more detail, and that's the only reason why it seems less simple.

Where to find the .torrent files? That is clearly explained in the FAQ.

I do agree, though, that the guides could do with some updating, which is what I've been doing in the user manual. I'm still unsatisfied with how the migration/transfer guides are written in the manual too, but updating it will have to wait until I get more free time.

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