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Speed not up to par


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Hi guys

I got a 1.5MB connection with 256K uploads, but on utorrent the download speed doesn't keep up with the upload. I ran a speed test here:


So I set my speed to xx/192K and the upload speed sits on the max at 17, but the download wont go any faster than 30 usually, occasionally up to 50 which is still much slower than it should be.

Here is some info:

- Color of the network status light is green.

- Port checker says it is right.

- Speed guide says my settings are Upload limit 17kbs, upload slots 3, connections 55, connections (global) 90, max active torrents 5, max active downloads 4. Im using port E6112

- Windows XP

-Security is norton anti virus, windows firewall, both have utorrent in exceptions and firewall is turned off

- Modem is D-link DSL-200

- My isp is aapt

-My connection DSL and my sped results are above.

OK thats a lot of info, hopefully someone can help me please.


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