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Speed problem...pls help me


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I neeed some help regarding my speed

I alredi following everthing the step in

http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php n


I alredi do port forwarding n it's ok

But my speed getting worst n worst....pls help me

I'm oni getting download speed from 5-10kb/s oni

DHT status shows offline

i'm using Dlink -DSl 520T modem router

I'm using 1Mbps speed n My isp is TM.Net.my

Windows XP SP2, n Norton Internet Security 2005

Utorrent 1.7 beta

Global Max num of connection : 500

maax num of connctd peers per torrent : 100

Num of upload slot is : 10

Upload speed is 10kb/s

What should i do....pls guide me

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Your ISP severely throttles BitTorrent traffic.

You're also using insane settings. Use the Speed Guide and choose xx/128k. DHT should be turned off, encryption needs to be on.

It may still not help because of your ISP.

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same with u pal i had dsl 520t but the weird is:

at first time i set port forwarded everything just fine and speed through >20kbps, and then i turn off the modem and the next day the port not forward correctly. and got red ! mark in torrent client. and i got 13 -15 kbps download only

btw im in indonesia.

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