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Anyone else using a hotspot for wireless with the same problem?


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I live on a boat at a marina and I have to use the wireless ISP service available here. I have no access to thier router, I pick up the signal from an antenna on the property.

I get strong signals for internet use and fast UL &DL speeds for browsing, except when Utorrent is running.

I un-installed all my AntiV, firewall, spyware, etc.

The ISP says all the ports are forwarded, but tracker tell me my ports are not forwarded.

Wierd thing is even with red light, sometimes I get super UL and DL speeds.

I feel I can improve my torrent speeds with a green light, which I've never seen.

Is there anyone else out there using a hotspot for wireless with the same prolem?

I'd love to see a green light once.

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