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Strange bandwith issue 1.7 (build 1703)


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Edit, may 14:

When limiting download for 1 torrent, all torrents get that limit and the torrent you set the limit for, gets most of the speed/bandwith.

hope for a fix soon :)


My info:

IrfCore Report.rar (Everest hardware report)


WinXP SP2 clean install with updates integrated with nLite to may 2007.

This I am sure I have done right, 1.6.1 works.

Also patched with nLite for 1000 connections

I will include my nLite set anyway (if needed)

IrfCore.ini (nLite preset/ set file)


Right now I am downloading a 4 DVD pack and another release thats 1.36GB.

I'm on 10Mbit.

The 4 DVD torrent speed is about 100kB/s.

The other torrent thats 1.36GB goes in full speed about 1MB/s

When limiting the download speed for the torrent 1.36GB to less (200kB/s limit) then even the DVD pack slows down to 10kB/s or less.

To put it simple, when I limit 1 torrent, torrent 2 is also limted.

I have disabled automatic upload limiting.

Also tried µTorrent fresh set up.

It's the same issue that I reported in my post in topic:


No doubt now, it's a bandwith issue and it even slows down browsing.

status light is ok, green

also the test is OK, green on http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=XXXXX

X stands for port number.

To get max speed of my 4 DVD torrent I have to stop the other torrent 1.36GB.

If I limit the 1.36GB torrent I get 10kB/s instead of +100kB/s on the 4 DVD pack torrent.

Upload rate on both is just few kB/s.

See edit at the bottom!

No software firewall or anti-virus installed (Windows firewall removed with nLite)

As I said, clean install.

Process Explorer


AutoRuns (Microsoft start entries not included)




That should cover the main part of whats on and whats set to start with windows.

Router modell is Netgear RP614v3

v3= version 3.



ISP: Adamo (Swedish ISP) http://adamobredband.com/

Connection type: 10Mbit Ethernet (no modem, direct connection to "city network" MAN/ WAN)


now uploaded rate grew to 300kB/s on the 1.36GB torrent, I limited to 100kB/s up.

no problems, it seems that it's just download limit.

Edit2: Download rate on the 4 DVD pack is about 200-300kB/s now.

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Can't reproduce.I have 10mbit as well.

Starting two torrents. Total speed is 1,1 mb/s

Limit the fastest to 200kb/s.

The other goes up to 900kb/s.

Using win. XP pro. SP2 w. utorrent 1.7 b1703.

50 max half-open connections.

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If you mean when I set µtorrent to 200kB/s, if it reaches 200kB/s, then yes it reaches 200kB/s.

This issue happens even if upload is 0kB/s.

It's strange how it slows down a lot more at 100kB/s than at 1MB/s....

A relevant question is if the new µTorrent use any windows components that are removable with nLite?

See here:


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µTorrent's half open rate certainly shouldn't be anything near 1000, even though you set your Windows XP to that. Anything over 50 is not only overkill, it may cause just the kinds of problems you're having.

Maybe this slow-speed guide will help:


(There's stuff in it, such as DHT disabling, that you should probably try.)

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I think it does not matter.

I have µTorrent set to standard 10Mbit settings, SpeedGuide xx/10Mbit.


Is "half-opens connections" and "max unfinished simultaneous connections" the same thing?

The network isn't overloaded, so I doubt i matters.

Even if I change the IP and release what ever small load it is on the network, it's the same thing.....

Switeck, I have no speed issues when download bandwith isn't limited on µTorrent.

It's just the download limit that gives me problems.

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YES, "half-opens connections" and "max unfinished simultaneous connections" are same thing.

Your connection may not be maxed out, but any networking software and hardware can have issues with high half open connection rates. If your µTorrent is CONSTANTLY trying 1000 NEW connections, then your networking gear can overload extremely quickly even if your connection has alot of free bandwidth.

It's usually the weakest link that fails first. :P

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