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Red Light Again


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Hey this is garai again. I recently solved the red light problem here a while back, but it only works on my laptop. My desktop, with identical firewall settings is still having problems. I forwarded the port in the same way I did for my laptop, with no luck. Please help

My hardware/software:

im using a Linksys WRT54GS v6 wireless router. It is connected to a Siemens 4200 ADSL modem for internet. I have Norton Antivirus and Comodo Firewall pro. I have Windows XP

Could it possibly be the wireless card causing errors? thats the only difference i can think of between the laptop and desktop. My laptop is using a broadcom adapter and my dekstop a linksys speedbooster.

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To lucky75:

no, my dekstop and laptop both have separate ports. I forwarded them both exactly the same way, on both routers. The problem is that it only works on my laptop. I've tested it out by switching the ip addresses of my laptop and desktop, and i still get a red light on the desktop. They both have identical firewalls, and i just reformatted my desktop. It has no other security programs other than norton antivirus and comodo firewall pro.

To ultima:

I read the manual about double nat, and tried to bridge the routers. I read this article http://forums.techguy.org/networking/494227-siemens-accessing-siemens-4200-configuration.html

I disabled the dhcp server of the linksys, and set it's internet ip, not local, outside of the dhcp range of the siemens 4200 when i changed it to static ip, but i am not sure that worked because i have been unable to access the linksys configuration page since. (my Ip is being configured by the siemens, so i cant figure out the ip address of the linksys using the ipconfig command.) Then, i disconnected the siemens from the linksys internet lan port and switched it to a regular lan port. I have internet this way, but i am still unable to access the linksys configuration page. I can still access the siemens page though.

And, I still have a red light on the desktop after changing the port forwarding to the new ip addresses of my computers. My laptop is getting a green light

I figured out how to get into my linksys router by changing my ip address to the subnet of that router, and the router is set on static IP, but i still get a red light despite forwarding ports on my siemens router. I dont even have to forward anything on my linksys in order to get a green light on my laptop. Im totally out of ideas here, please help

I still havent been able to fix this by the way

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