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peer lazy?


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in a section of the thread inetrnet interruption or slow speeds say that we must have peer lazy bitfield enabled

but at my utorrent lang version(greek) at the section of peer lazy bitfield there are two options false and true not for exaple on and off

whish of the two option enable peer lazy bitfield?

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hi there im a new member in this forum and i just installed utorrent 3 days ago. i have followed all the steps of the utorrent user manual to setup it's configuration and i have also made sure that evry steps of how to sort slow speeds provided by ultima. however i can't solve my slow speed problem.can some please help me out.that would be most appreciated.here are some in formation that i can provide:

1. Color of the network status light in µTorrent's status bar: green

2.port checker from the Speed Guide: 59138

3. Speed guide settings: connection type is 512k

4. operating system is windows xp sp2

5. security software: zone alarm(firewall and antispyware, my antivirus section is deactivated since i use avg antivirus, i have ad aware and registry mechanic)

6. Modem is ZXDSL 852

7. ISP IS: dial up adsl 512k provided by Mauritius telecom(branch of wanadoo.fr)

8. speed test: Download: 83kb/s

Upload: 103 KBits/s

if any more information is required pls let me know

thanks again for the help and btw this forum rocks

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Speed Guide (CTRL+G) wants your UPLOAD bandwidth to base its settings off of...and you don't have 512 kilobits/sec upload...you barely have 100 kilobits/sec upload. :(

So the xx/96k or maybe the xx/128k setting is closest to your conditions.

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thanx for answering switeck!!another problem is that my downloading speed is between 5 - 20 kb/s. in my preference>advanced option in utorrent the value for net.max halfopen is 4.is that right or not and in preference>connection my global max upload rate is 9kb/s while my global max download rate is 77 kb/s.is that right?coz i really dnt know wats going on with this low downloading speed thingie?would appreciate if u could help?thanx

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