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Error:Incorrect function - after system crash - what means that error?


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I got a rather large torrent (60 gigs) which i'm 'saving' onto an external USBv2 standard 7200 RPM/8MB cache'd HDD. The torrent was 27.7% completed. The torrent is a multitude of several files, ranging from 1 kbyte to 1 gigabyte. (read: it's NOT one massive archive-file or something like that)

My system crashed overnight, and next morning, trying to continue the download, µtorrent is doing the torrent-check (what is it? a hash-/integrity-check?)

but after 11.7% of the check i get a "Error: Incorrect function". I started digging here, and didnt found much of a solution.

I ran XP's internal HDD file and surface checker, but to no avail. Same issue. Used Paragon HDD Manager Pro v8 to run a defrag of MFT and defrag of the entire partition. I canceled the Partition defrag, ast'd have took over TWO full days to run *ugh*!

still same error (of course, you may say ;-))

then i ran again the XP's internal disk-fixer, took 2 hours, but, after that, the check went fine, and the D/L went on.

Now my Q is, what IS that error "Error: Incorrect function" anyway ? anything specific or some sort of wildcard error, like microsofts "out of memory" back in the old days? :D

here a few specs:

sparse_files = OFF

coalesce_writes = ON - to minimize the writes on the HDD, being ext. USBv2, although 480mbit/s shouldnt be that much of a bottleneck - better safe than sorry @ a 60 gigs torrent ;)

pre-allocate all files = ON - to ensure i'm not fucking over w. the remaining diskspace.

Which version of µTorrent?

1.7 B1672

Which OS?


What type of filesystem (FAT32/NTFS/SMB)?


What type of storage device (USB disk, FW, SATA, IDE, etc)?

USBv2 - external seagate 160 gigs

Which disk device driver?

standard Microsoft windowsXP's/NTFS v5.1.2535.0 from JUL 1st 2001

Any write-intercept type utilities installed (AV etc)?

only Kaspersky Security suite v6 - dont think it's causing any issues, because it can hold up very fine at ~2-3 MBYTE/s D/L (via several torrents) speed and taking maybe 10% CPU - probably thanks to pre-allocation.

I ran

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Its amusing you said this, I run windows XP home and I also had a system crash after I shut down that day, after reinstalling windows, I put utorrent on my pc, I also started receving the "Error: Incorrect funtion" so i shit down my computer for the night, Now I cant get Utorrent up and running at all, on top of that when ever i open Utorrent it freezes my pc and i have to restart... any one have a suggestion on this?

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Ludde once commented on it (you probably found the related topic already). It might have to do with the USB disk driver. But since you solved it with a check I'm gonna assume it was a result of a bad sector or something similar.

elvnsage. Rename the %appdata%\utorrent folder to utorrent_old and see if you can boot µtorrent again. (All settings will be reset and all torrents unloaded)

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