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Any way to improve NetWork Speed?


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Well, my house is wired with Cat-5 Cords I made. I have allot of Desktops and Laptops that use the Wireless and Wired connections. Now, here is the problem, my modem kills it self every like, 6 hours to 4 days. And by kills it self, I mean that it loses the connection randomly, and the only way to bring it back up is to turn off the Modem and Wireless/Wired routers and plug them back in. Now, my Dad (Who is a Cable guy) suggests that the suicidal modem is because there are too many Wireless Devices (I.E. Cell Phones, Laptops, Desktops n' stuff) are over crowding the Modem and the fact that I have more than 6 Macs/PCs Playing WOW daily and me running uTorrent and Transmissions(Mac) 24/7. So, we got a new something-hundred dollar Motorola Surf Board, and still the problem consists. But my Uncle (Who builds computers) says that it could be that we have ONLY Home Made Cat-5 Cords, and he suggests that we re-wire with Cat-6. Now, I checked the Price at the local Fires store, and re-wireing would cost about $89. Witch I think, is a bit much for Wire. But everyone is saying that WOW lag is like, in the thousands (for those familiar with WOW). And our Network Speed is Time Warner High Speed internet. Dose anyone have ANY tips for Improving our Wireless/Wired Speed with out spending that much?

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