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Comcast Is Monitoring What You Download


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this is along the lines of what I was looking for. It says on this site that your IP is visable at all times. Where? I've looked at the files I'm currently downloading and don't see the IP's for those. How do I find the IP's? I ask because I received the same thing. So where is my IP visable? Gotta love big brother. God knows we wouldn't want Bill Gates or any other software or movie company to not make Billions. lol

a little P.S. to my previous. It seems to me it I received the letter because the movie/software was uploading, ie: I was the supplier. What I had downloaded had finished and was now seeding because I had not shut off utorrent. So seems like after you download you should quickly remove the file so your not uploading? That will make the count 1 seeder, 4,567,567,567 leechers. lol Nothing will ever get done. Also, what would you possibly share on any of these sites that isn't copy righted material? I mean seriously, I'm in trouble for uploading a movie I just watched on tv, for free. It wasn't a pay per view, it was an older movie that had been on tv and I just didn't get a chance to see it all. I could have easily copied it when iot was on but didn't get around to it. If your not supposed to do that either than please explain to me the purpose of TIVO? Thanks for letting me vent. lol

Sorry, I'm anm idiot, never have looked at the bottom of the page. Found the where the ip shows. Great. Why show that?

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