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Hi i having this NAT error for quick some time, i cannot seem to get the green icon.IP Address Range have been to max that is 20 from the starting range

1.operating system is win xp

2.Security is NOD32, Spy Sweeper and winxp firewall (all will be disable when downloading BT)

3. i have Dsl-500g As router and Linksys BEFW11S4 Firmware Version: 1.50.10 as an Ap

(try updating firmware for linysks ones but the thing crash and it has to take back to the shop).

4.Network seed is 512kb, cable (current setting is 256kb)

5.Isp is TMnet, Malaysia

The thing i have try,

1.DHT and upnp has been disable

2.setting for peer.lazy to true

3.DMZ in linysks has been enable

4.port changed several time

5.plugged directly in to dsl-500g(cannot even go online)

PLs help.........

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Is your UPLOAD bandwidth really 256 kilobits/sec like you set it in µTorrent?

NOD32 AV causes conflicts with µTorrent and has to be fully uninstalled to guarantee no problems.

TMnet ISP in Malaysia is a known hostile-to-customers "ISP" that can and will throttle file sharing and other things.

Have you checked your cablemodem model/brand for possible internal firewall and/or mini-router to configure? Look it up using GOOGLE...and find out how to configure it the same way (if need be).

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MY bandwidth is 526kb

if NOD32 has conflicts with utorrent, then what anti-virus software should i be using for my computer?

i know my Linksys BEFW11S4 have a firewall build in(the firewall will be disable when DMZ in enable)

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