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Weird connection death! :P


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here's my problem, while i use the connection (adsl, but its shown as dial-up in Vista) it crashes in a strange way, specifically: the system doesn't "realize" its dead, downloads and uploads stop, and even some connection-related programs crash (ie DUmeter)... This happens randomly, meaning that it can happen 1hour after i've turned the pc on, or 3-5hours later... The latest drivers are installed and all these stuff...

Now, where does uTorrent come in, it has come to my attention that the connection doesn't crash if i don't have uTorrent open... I've checked this by downloading with firefox large files (4x800Mb simultaneously) and left the pc alone for the time and nothing happened... Im installing a new torrent client for now just to see if my theory is right.

I will keep you informed so if there is bug or something you know about it. Please reply if you ever had a similar problem or if there is any solution. Thanx in advance.

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