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Does uTorrent "reserve" bandwidth ?


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My nephew and I have an ongoing debate as to whether or not uTorrent reserves bandwidth. What I mean by that is if I set my upload speed at 26kBps, does uTorrent grab all that bandwidth for itself even if it is not using all of it?

Where we run into problems is when he is playing an online game, or broadcasting his radio station (streaming to his server). He claims that uTorrent and all torrent applications will rob him of needed bandwidth even if my seeded files are not active.

I can't see how this could be, but just for the record, can someone please give me the definitive answer so I can settle this "argument" ??

Thanks !!

-=Mr B=-

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µTorrent does make an aggressive effort to meet the upload speed you set it to, so if you set it to 26 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed...expect it to be using at least that much most of the time.

Remember there is a difference between upload speed and upload bandwidth. Even at 26 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed, even 220-250 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth might be used due to bittorrent and TCP/IP overheads.

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