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Using Wingate and 2 NIC Cards and 2 Modems


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I have 2 Cable Modems and would like to set up Wingate 6.2. I did add a second NIC card and was wondering if anyone here has done this before with uTorrent? Before I start messing around, I would rather be reasonably comfortable with what I am doing...Any help is so very much welcomed.

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µTorrent is designed to only work through 1 NIC card and 1 modem/internet connection. Trying to force it to do otherwise...almost certainly won't work regardless of what software you use.

Your best bet is to run 2 computers -- with 1 connected to each internet connection. And download different torrents on each. ...Although once all the downloads are done, you could share/seed a couple duplicate torrents on both.

Just remember that your upload bandwidth is probably very limited compared to your download bandwidth. 2 low-end broadband connections often don't have nearly as much upload bandwidth as a faster one that costs as much as the 2.

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The best solution for his Scenario is to skip WinGate completely

Software Router is never a good option.

there are Hardware Router / Firewall that allows 2 distinct ISP connections, i personally used Symantec and Cisco firewall that allows you to hook up 2 DSL / Cable modems to it, and both connection are used simultaneously

so if you say got 2 connection of 6Mbps down/800kbps up each, then now you effectively 12Mbps down and 1.6Mbps up.

easy and simple, no messing around, and no headaches with softwares. :D

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I'm fairly interested in how µtorrent would handle that.

Assuming the Router uses 'Per Destination' balancing. Would it matter that much to µtorrent? If the torrent port is correctly mapped incoming connections on both WAN ports will be forwarded to µtorrent and packets from µtorrent to a a certain peer will always use the same WAN port. Is your internet IP hardcoded into your µtorrent? A Load Balanced dual-WAN could be considered as a normal NAT in many ways right? There is only one gateway/route for µtorrent right? The Load Balancing takes care of the traffic splitting pretty much transparently right?

I'm not really into this thing, more or less guessing about its and µtorrents exact workings... but I don't see where µtorrent would mess up? Would µtorrent actually notice it?

DHT could cause some funny things (like a remote client trying to connect to µtorrent through both WAN ports). And of course because only one IP is listed at the tracker most incoming connections will come on that WAN port but the balancing will automatically assign most outgoing connections to the other WAN port because of that.

Pretty interesting...

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I have a similar sort of question. Is it possible to have utorrent use only one of my two NIC cards. I.E. is it possible to block the use of my Ethernet card and only use my wireless?

BTW, I'm new to using Forums, so I'm not sure about what's proper (should I have opened up a new thread for this?)



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re: Binding IP

yes it does work properly in uTorrent, i use it, my Rig has onboard NIC, and i use 1 specifically for torrents, and other heavy file sharing activity so to no disturb my online gaming experiences :D

(ver 1.7 latest build) but it also worked with 1.61 as well

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Internet <-> Modem <-> gateway (Linux box) <->

<-> balancer <-> PC running uTorrent

Internet <-> Modem <->

Balancer was a Buffalo WRT54G box running OpenWRT with following ip route:

root@ayako:~# ip route dev eth1 scope link dev br0 proto kernel scope link src dev br0 scope link


nexthop via dev eth1 weight 1

nexthop via dev br0 weight 1

Both connections were 8Mbps. I managed to get 960+kB/s speeds on uTorrent. For some reason tho, iproute was quite biased for route. You can see stats in the graph:


Also upload was quite slow for some reason, but then again, the files on which I tested were highly seeded.

So conclusion: uTorrent defiantly works with multiple connections. Of course, depending on configurations (for example, neither of those torrents had DHT or Peer Exchage on), the speeds can be vary a lot.

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how do you bind ips?

so is it safe to say that utorrent CAN be used with a load balancing router to achieve twice the upload??? since its not only one connection and its multiple connections the router "should" take care of that... any specific router one should get???


Thank you.

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As I showed on the previous post, it's possible, but the gains can be marginal. If possible, you should run two seprate instances of utorrent and seed using both. You will gain higher uploading speed more easily that way. Load balanced router is more likely to help with downloads (since you can't really run two instances where they would happily download same file) and even with those, the gains can be fairly marginal.

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Hi All!

I'm pretty new here and my English is not so fluent, but I have an idea about this topic - I'll describe it with my problem:

I have two Internet connection: a Cable and a DSL, both with low upload bandwidth. I've recently created a big mkv (movie) file what I would to upload to somebody via (u)torrent.

I've read all of your post and I got an idea, let me explain it:

I'm going to set up a virtual machine (probably with XP), it will be connected one of my NIC card. I will use sharing to access the files I want to upload.

Then on the 'outer' (physical) machine I'll set up the other connection to primary. Then I could use simultaneously both connection.

I hope you can understand me. So what do you think? Is it workable?

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In your case you are running two virtual machines, each one with a dedicated NIC (one attached to cable, the other to DSL).

Understand that your trackers are going to see this as two separate connections, two separate IP addresses being used, and if your tracker admins are anal-retentive, it might cause them to think that you are cheating somehow. Make sure they understand what you are doing.

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Thanx Alderaan :)

I've tried it last night, and working very well. :P:D

Well, I used only one virual machine - that was connected to my DSL; my host machine was connected to Cable.

My only problem was that the guest machine couldn't acces my 4,9 Gb mkv file - it was too big - I don't know... Finally I splitted the file onto 700 Mb slices on the host machine, and merged these files on the guest machine.

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"Yes, I uderstand what I'm doing, I wrote this tip because I think somebody may use this method. "

Dude, I am going to give it a shot tomorrow. Just gotta pick up a wireless router. I have two connections here as well. My cable connection allows me 100 GB per month in download and they've already called once to tell me to back off. The other connection is DSL and they don't care how much I download so I will dedicate a basic VM to the DSL connection and use it strictly for torrents. Very tight idea. I even pass it on to a couple of techs who said it was pretty genius. Let's hope it work.


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You don't need to use VM for that. You can run multiple instances of uTorrent and just make them bind to two different addresses.

1) Create a new folder

2) Copy utorrent.exe into that folder

3) Copy the .dat files from %appdata%\uTorrent into this new folder

4) Create a shortcut for this utorrent.exe in this folder

5) Edit the shortcut's target by adding /RECOVER to the end of the Target, outside of any quotation marks, and separated with a space.

6) Open this shortcut. Your settings should be retained, just edit the IP and/or port you want to bind to

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I notice that this is an old thread, but would like to tell people that this is possible to use two modems on one pc with wingate, without the need of a dual wan router.

I have two modems which have 20MB Down 1MB Up per modem.

In utorrent it works out as 30MB Down and 2MB up.

It is very easy to setup in fact in utorrent I didnt change any settings.

Just plug the two modems in and setup wingate.

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Solving the incoming connection problem is easy. Simply configure the uTorrent client to use the SOCKS proxy in WinGate and configure the proxy to rotate connections around the Internet gateways. This results in tracker connections being rotated around the gateways, and so, as far as I can tell, the tracker see's me on two IP's. All I know for sure is that I start seeing people connect to me through both gateways so it's working.

I'm playing with a WinGate 7 alpha release at the moment, and what I'm doing is making connections to new IP address out the next gateway in rotation, at which point I record the IP address and gateway that was used in a MySQL database. Every time I make a connection to the Internet, I check the database to see if I have already talked to the destination IP, and if I have, use the same gateway that I used before. This means I'm not swapping IP addresses on the remote clients which is the real problem with gateway rotation.

I'm also looking at ways to control the tracker connection in order to make the tracker believe that I am two uTorrent clients. I think it will be possible, but it will require writing plugins and stuff. Something I'm not great at.

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