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Speed trouble with BT HomeHub Follow up


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Well I still get the fluctuating speeds that has not changed -- http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=23445 --

You can read it in the link.

But here is what I have changed so far, and uTorrent is working a lot better with it.

First of all I deleted my complete McAfee firewall, and now rely on the Windows one and on the BT homehub one.

That made the speeds a somewhat better but not very much.

But then I changed the settings in Utorrent. I put my UPLOAD to unlimited (zero) ! just to try it.

and my speeds just trippled if not quadrupled!!!

According to the speedguide I should set my UL speed at 256 or 192.

Can anybody explain this please? And can somebody please explain why I get these fluctuating speeds?


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It is possible (although I find it very unlikely) that your ISP is queueing packets for you, giving ACK highest priority and therefore allowing you to use maximum of your upload everytime.

What is your average upload when you set it unlimited?

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As we speak, the UL speed is around 20 - 30 steadily. This is the same at all times.

ISP is Brit Telecom - Homehub Option 3 (pretty far from the exchange)

After 1am my DL speeds are going up to about 120 and UL speed stayes the same.

Normally during daytime I had DL speeds between 5 - 10, but since I have made these changes they are

around 50 - 60

This has got me really baffeled.

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What can I say?

Maybe this: "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" -- William Shakespeare, "Hamlet"

Anyway, enjoy your best settings but... rather don't recommend them to others. Probability that it will work for them isn't too high, really.

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The closest Speed Guide CTRL+G setting to your connection is xx/256k.

Tweaking those numbers a little may get more speed, but increasing them more than 50% probably will just slow things down.

Your upload speed probably shouldn't be set higher than 30 KiloBYTES/sec in any case...if that's all your connection can sustain.

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