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done everything in the faq but i cant forward ports properly


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Hey guys. I've tried my best to solve these issues by myself and following the faq but i think its time to post here to see if anyone might be able to kindly help me out. here are my details.

I am on bigpond using an alcatel speedtouch modem.

os: windows xp.

dlink di 524 router.

have forward port 9573 and a few others before it correctly by logging into the router. the port forward test says it appears to not be forwarded properly though. I have tried removing and adding this setting again. i have also updated the firmware on the router.

I have disabled my personal software firewall, and am using zonealarm.

I can achieve very slow upload speeds 2-4k occaisionally. even more ocaisionally around 10 k as well. my download speed can be reasonable - up to 50.

utorrent's indicator has an orange exclamation mark.

I have tried disabling dht. i have disabled ip resolving. i have disabled upnp. i have lowered max connections to 50. Lowered net.max_halfopen to 4

Patched TCPIP.sys. peer lazy bitfield is enabled.

the speed test says i have 400k down, and 100 k up.

I am running an hp nw 8440 intel core 2 duo 2ghz, but we have also had no luck with my other older athlon 1600.

thanks very much for anyone that can help me out here!

cheers in advance!


sorry i was wrong about the modem. its a Thomson, speed touch 530.

I've tried plugging it straight into my computer without the router and i still get the port forwarding problem when i runn the port checker.

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oh man. thanks so much. never had a modem with a firewall in it (always used routers plugged into modems), but now it works! your awesome!

thanks. but i have to take one last step. because i need the router between the computer network and the modem, should i be forwarding the ports on the modem to the router (, and then forward from the router to my computer's ip? or should they go straight to my ip ( on both the modem and the router)? hope thats easy enough to understand.

thanks again.

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