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speeds dead with aol platinum, am I being throttled


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Have been with utorrent, using Aol isp for about a year now, 8mb dsl unlimited download gb's, but today my download and upload speed are non-existent. normally download at between 100-200 kbs, upload at 50kbs - but now d:3 - u:0.5 kbs. what's going on, have tried forced encryption, but normally run unencrypted. also using pg2, any idea - anyone else using AOL encountered problems recently. much obliged. Teesh

I am running xp sp2 media centre edition, amd64 dual core3800+ 2ghz, 1gb ram, netgear router: ran speedcheck and connection fine 6400kbs, am I being throttled, should I call them, would they admit it? could it get me in trouble. I've tried azureus and get the same tried forwarding/changing ports, trackers are fine/ NAT fine ,peer and seeders connected, but as soon as i get some speed/establish connection it quickly diminishes(ie, dl speed will jump to nine k and the dwindle back to 0.6 k)

My setting 35kbs up, 650 max global connection, 150 per torrent, 7 upload slots per torrent. Encryption enabled , accepting incoming legacy connections. dht enabled, pnp enabled. router configued.

Please can any body suggest anything I,ve managed to download 30mb in the past hour and upload 15mb.

If any more details are needed please post as I am regularly checking for replies


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everything went back to normal after 12, so maybe i am being capped. I ran a speed test:Speed Test Result

1391 / 194 (Kbps)

(169.9 / 23.7 KB/sec)

Compared to the average of 81 tests from aol.com:

* download is 2% worse, upload is 37% worse

but the settings of 90 total conection, 1 active torrent, etc, are not optimal for my system and i have never had a problem with my settings before, thanks for your help though Ultima

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Perhaps you should use even lower settings then?

Your measured speeds are only 1391 kilobits/sec down and 194 kilobits/sec up.

That's really not a lot to work with.

Upload Speeds according to that likely won't top 24 KiloBYTES/sec, though you can run some tests in µTorrent to confirm that.

My connection is much faster than your rated speeds...download's even close to your originally quoted speed of 6400 kilobits/sec. But I can often get download speeds in excess of 200 KiloBYTES/sec with total connections set less than 90.

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sorry i posted the wrong speedtest results, ran several, have just started using 1.7 beta which automatically detects upload speed at 41 (although it sometimes reaches 50 kbs) download 8mbs.

but I am sure this is down to Aol , as after midnight things started to return to normal, and I am downloading at 300kbs +

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