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What can i do for advanced option?


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Can anyone show me how do setting in this section.

my port forward is green, why my download speed still very slow it's about 8-16kb/s,

but sometimes it can run to 40-50kb/s and after a few seconds it drop again :(

what's d mean in flag, cause i always cannot connect peer with 100%? :/

who come from Malaysia?? i used streamyx RM88.00, can i see how you all setting? ;)

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Yes, you probably are NOT allowed to set a static internet ip.

But if you have a router (that you own), then you need to set up a static LAN ip for your computer.

The router will still have a dynamic internet ip address.

LAN ips are typically 10.x.x.x , 172.16-31.x.x , or 192.168.x.x

If your computer already has a LAN ip but you don't have a router, then either your modem is acting as a router as well and needs that feature configured or disabled...or your ISP never gave you a dedicated internet ip in the first place! If the latter is the case, you will ALWAYS be firewalled unless your ISP will port forward for you.

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"static IP" referes to YOUR computers private IP address when you use a router. It has nothing to do with the public IP address FROM your malaysian isp. in this picture that would be

IP2 that you should set to static


Edit: shit cache! did not see answer above and can't delete my own postings anymore, sorry! :(

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