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Fresh Download and utorrent?


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Hey, I use Fresh Download Manager for all my 'normal' downloads but utorrent for my torrents (obviously). I find that Fresh D/l Manager has an awesome capacity to make the speeds of the file just go up and up. I normaly wouldnt get more than maybe 30-50kbp/s but if I use Fresh d/l it can go into the hundreds easily.

So my question is: is there any chance that I could combine Fresh D/l manager with uTorrent? Or is there possiblity of a fix being mad where I can combine the two to enhance my torrent speeds?


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Torrent downloading and http downloading are two separate techniques. Your download manager downloads http and ftp and utorrent only downloads .torrent.

The speed from you get from torrent download (usually) doesn't depend on what client you use. Its other factors, like seed/leecher ratios.

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You probably don't understand the differences of the 2.

Fresh Download probably gets its speed by ip-spoofing or just spamming websites into creating multiple download streams at once. (Many websites limit each download stream to 50-500 KiloBYTES/sec, so 1 downloader cannot tie up the majority of their bandwidth.)

Neither technique is appropriate, fair, or even completely possible on µTorrent, and were many people to use it would ironically cause LOWER speeds.

The speeds you get on torrents is highly dependant on your UPLOAD speed, µTorrent's settings being balanced for your connection (10+ torrents at once on dial-up is not 'balanced' for example), and lastly but probably MOST IMPORTANTLY how fast peers and seeds CAN upload to you.

Peers and Seeds may have very fast connections, but run many torrents at once with many upload slots at once each...so your 'cut' of their upload speed (which you see as download speed from them) is tiny.

Many broadband connections only have about 256-512 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth -- which makes only about 25 to 55 KiloBYTES/sec usable upload speed. (I can only upload at 42 KiloBYTES/sec max in µTorrent via Comcast Cable ISP.) So if on average they are running 2 torrents with 4 upload slots each, that's 8 total upload slots. Even at best, that's only 6.9 KiloBYTES/sec upload per person...so you'd only see about that from them. At worst, they may allow 100's of connections at once and you are just 1-of-many...so they will only be uploading to you part of the time.

Increasing your max connections would seem to help, but it WILL sabotage your speeds if you go very high. Many times, you can get more stable speeds with fewer connections -- such as 30 per torrent and maybe 100 total.

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