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Would it be possible to include a "default trackers" option?

Some of the torrents I download come with a single tracker, but are available on the same 6 other trackers at all times. This is especially useful when the first tracker is down, but the other 6 are up.

At other times, I want to share torrents on local tracker I have running so others on the LAN can search the tracker (via a web interface) and download torrents I already have.

Not asking for anything fancy, maybe an advanced option with a semicolon-seperated list of tracker URIs that are auto-appended to all new torrents?

Thanks! :)

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Usually when you search torrents on combined search engines you get all trackers where the torrent are listed. Like btjunkie.com for example.

Problem is with private where trackers would want to keep their peers on their own trackers only, not spreading them around. Also it would put an unnecessary hammering on trackers that do not have the torrent.

Such things would get utorrent banned from place to place.

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