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weird problem

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My torrents are downloading just fine (25-30 kb/s) but I can't get the red light to turn green.

I've disabled windows firewall, and windows defender

I've enabled Upnp on my router and in utorrent

I've mapped ports 6881-6999 to my IP on my router

I've enabled encryption

But I still can't get the green light. I'm using port 6881 but when I run the port test it says "port 6881 does not appear to be open" no matter what ports I try I get the same results.

I have windows vista on an acer aspire 9410 laptop. My router is Netgear wgr614

My ISP is Digis.net (wireless).

Any help would be appreciated.

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Ports 6881-6999 are NOT recommended to be used for µTorrent.

Too many ISPs firewall or completely block them.

Also, many wireless ISPs only give their customers a LAN ip address, not a dedicated internet ip.

...you may be able to get a dedicated internet ip (or they may do port forwarding for you) for an extra monthly fee.

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