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International / Greek Forum Invitation!


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I have just put together my new forum, its both international and greek, i invite you all to join a user-defined forum where you can discuss whatever you feel like! I expect people from communities that have to do with technology, torrents but also from music, pc games communities.

The forum site is: http://bletsonius.freeforums.org

Just pay us a visit, i believe you'll like the setting!


Side note: thats an irrelevant post to uTorrent, if the administrators of this forum wish to delete this post it is 100% ok with me.

oh, by the way, i have noticed that the *u*torrent is actually μTorrent the μ is the greek m, got any relations with greece mates? :D

One more thing,

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WITH uTORRENT, /kneel. (<-wow expresion! :P)

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