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Disc Overload help please


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I am seeding on a 100mbit dedicated server and I am getting overload @ 100% quite often. Can someone advise me on what I can do to solve this.

I have some screenshots and here are some specs of my server having the issue. My second server seems fine with lower specs. All scans for trojans, spyware etc are clean.

Dual Core Pentium D 930 - 3.0GHz - 2 x 2MB

1 gig ram

1 x 250GB SATA II

I am not sure if the settings are right is what I am asking for help on. Normally upload and download seems fast and no problems occur.

I appreciate any help with this. I was told it can be sorted a bit better but before I messed with it I figured I would ask here first :D




Resolved it seems at the moment. Thanks ax for the help

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Problem has been discussed before.

Look here:


and here:


You could try mess with your cache settings to see if that helps (see threads)

Also it could be a bug with utorrent. What download/upload speed do you have when you get the error?

EDIT: Are u using 1.7 beta ?

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hi thanks. I am using 1.6.1 at the moment. I noticed it once so far, I was at 6.9MB/s at the time it happened. My other box will push about 9.0 before it happens IF it happens. I guess it is a bug, I will read the threads again and maybe mess with the settings.

I was going plenty fast, that is fine really I just was not sure why it was happening. I understand that if you are moving really fast things happen and its only happend 2 times so far as I can tell.

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