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I am righting this because i have the same problem with my download from my last format before 2 weeks and i have not found any until now solution

so my download number has stuck at 25 kB/s i will try to keep the list of actions that i have made as indicate in earlier posts:

speedguide numbers upload 225kB/s download 890kB/s

so i have put my upload number at 225/10x0.80= 18kB/s

isp : otenet greece also tried: forthnet greece

firewall of windows exeptions for utorrent

number of port used 50200,32459

port forward ok in any number

i see always "Network OK"

latest beta release of utorrent

windows xp sp2 patced tcp/ip

using setiings from speed guide xx/192 and xx/256 same results nothing changed


protocol encryption just in case also disable dht-upnp(and in my router too)

modem/router speedtouch 585v6i with the latest firmware

no other firewall programs

antivirus only kaspersky

peer lazy bitfield = true

dont resolve isps

net max half open tried several numbers from 1 until 22 with the same always results

download an oppenofice torrent with a speed of 50-60 kB/s when earlier speeds was 90-100 kB/s with the same type connection before format

tried torrents with an availability of at least 18.330 up to 45.000 or so

can anyone tell me why i have this speeds?

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