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uTorrent chraseh


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This happens each 10 min:

uTorrent has crashed, and uTorren will now restart.

A crash dump has been saved as: E\utorrent\490-utorrent.df7e.dmp.

Do you want to submit this dump to the developers?

Someone can tell me what is going on?

I have W2k.


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I'm getting the same error - just started today.

Windows XP SP2.

Running latest beta uTorrent build.

I deleted all the files in %appdata%\uTorrent since I have all my data in the program folder (and I have no idea why there was anything in appdata folder anyway) - this seemed to allow uTorrent to run for longer; however it still crashes.

I'd really like to avoid deleting the program settings and such.


I've been screwing around with Windows Blinds and Object Dock, but I find it hard to imagine that's the problem =\.

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@Milo: When was the last time you performed a Windows Update? What is net.max_halfopen set to in Preferences > Advanced? If you've ever patched TCPIP.sys, when was the last time you patched it?

@BOTH: Have you checked the incompatible softwares list in the FAQ?

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The last time I performed a windows update was a looong time ago, should I try to update windows?

My net.max_halfopen is at 8.

I have patched TCPIP.sys, but it was a long time ago as well.

I've checked the incompatible software FAQ, and the only thing mentioned is objectdock and I don't have that problem.

I suspect it could have been that I didn't shut down uTorrent when I installed the vista transformation pack and some files were modified...

Who knows - I'll uninstall it now and see what happens.

Also I used ccleaner around the same time to clean out my registry; are there any pertinent entries that could have been deleted/modified that utorrent can't deal with? I've never had a problem with it before, though, so I don't think that's it.

Edit: My internet seems to be acting up since about the same time - could be completely unrelated though (or even not true =|):

Sometimes it seems as though my internet just drops and it seems to happen quite frequently for about 30 secs or so.

I'm not even sure this is related, but I'm thinking it could be.

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