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µTorrent 1.7 build 1703 - Peers sending bad data aren't banned


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i downloaded a torrent on a private tracker. it had 4 seeders and one of them was sending bad data. i only noticed this after it had been at 99% for awhile, at which point i had wasted over 200MB with 1627 hashfails, all from the same seeder. i identified which of the 4 it was, banned him with ipfilter, and the torrent finished fine. i used build 1672 at the time, but today i updated to 1703 and decided to test again with the same torrent.

in advanced settings, bt.ban_ratio is 1, bt.ban_threshold is 5, and bt.use_ban_ratio is true.

i set utorrent to skip all files except the first one so it would only get the first piece and i limited download speed so i would be sure to get blocks from the bad seeder every time. the piece failed hash check 5 times, and eventhough it showed 5 hasherrs for all 4 seeders, no-one got banned and i kept receiving blocks from all of them. i let it fail about 20 times before i stopped it, no-one was banned. also in the hasherr column in peers list, after the counter gets to 7, the next hasherr seems to reset it.

i took 3 screenshots illustrating the counter reset and also showing how all the seeders kept sending me data after they should've already been banned. this was the third counter reset so at this point there had been over 20 hashfails.

#1 #2 #3

after this i also tried setting bt.use_ban_ratio to false but this produced the same results.



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Just to point out, the threshold is the value that must be exceeded. So even though its set to 5, it means they must send 6 bad pieces before being banned. As to why they arent being banned at all, very interesting.

EDIT: According to Alus the hasherr reset problem has been fixed. Hopefully this will cure the second problem of peers not being banned too (although i still have the feeling its something different).

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