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Seeding problem: stuck at 97.1%

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Hi, I am seeding a big torrent at the moment and am seeding to a lot of peers. But I have a problem: None of my peers seem to be able to get beyond 97.1% of the torrent! And I'm talking here about 50 people or something...

Even when I am seeding to peers who already have 97.1%, they seem not to make any progress and stay at 97.1%.

Does anybody what is going on? Something seems terribly wrong here.. if I'm seeding to these people and they are not making progress, then what kind of data am I sending to them?

I have not received any hashfail errors or any other error messages, so the program itself is not of much help to give me an idea of what is going wrong exactly.

I am using µTorrent 1.6.1 under Windows Vista Premium 64-bit.

Can someone help me out or give me suggestions? Thanks a lot!

EDIT: It is probably wise to include information about the specific .torrent file. It is rather large because the torrent has 1234 files and was created with µTorrent 1.6.1. The torrent itself is 3.55 GB. The tracker is http://inferno.demonoid.com:3404/announce and seems to be working fine to me. Also, DHT and peer exchange are enabled. Perhaps this extra information can be of help.

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