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Periodically recheck incomplete pieces

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I have heard that Azureus has a nifty feature called "Periodically recheck incomplete pieces". This allows the user to combine two torrents that have the same content into one and thus use both .torrent files to speed up the download.

Example: Suppose a user would find torrent 1 on site A and torrent 2 on site B, and find out that both actually contain exactly the same content. He could choose to download torrent 2 to exactly the same folder on his computer as where torrent 1 is downloaded. Then when he enables "periodically recheck incomplete pieces" the program will check whether pieces of torrent 1 have already been downloaded by torrent 2.

Is there any chance that µTorrent will also include this feature in the future?

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/me hears talk off in the distance, straining to listen, he hears "In fact, it would only make µTorrent better!"

/me freezes in place, a wave of panic starts to wash over him.

/me whips around and runs off in the opposite direction as fast as he can, screaming in terror.

-- Smoovious

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