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Port forwarding on college network?


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I started using uTorrent just yesterday, and had great download speeds last night (~100 kb/s). Today, however, my download speed has slowed to about 2.5 kb/s.

The network status light for me is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point, and says that there are no incoming connections. Also, for a while I kept getting the Can't map to uPnP port in my error log.

The speed guide says my connection type is 768k, and I have enabled encryption. I also went tried to manually open the port used by utorrent by going to Windows firewall, and adding a port, and also going to my internet connection and adding the port manually to the allowed list.

I have Windows Xp, with sp2, and I have windows defender and mcafee antivirus, as well as ad-aware installed.

I am on a college network, so I have no idea what my router model or ISP is. This also prevented me from doing port forwarding because I can't access the router.

Any suggestions as to what to do? Thanks so much!

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