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Not connectable.. A firewall/router is limiting your network traffic


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Hey, I've possibly read almost all guides on here. Tweaked my settings to max I could ( needless to mention limited my UL speed to 1 if that matters )

Me on LAN and my ISP has installed a statid 192.168.xx.xx IP Apparently I'm facing issues with DL speed, I've made sure that only 1 download is active at a time, and max speed is allotted. Perplexed so as to what next, I'm pity much sure there is a problem between the chair and the keyboard for sure.. That red alert is always there at the bottom....Seeking you help! much thanks....

Oh btw! I never get speed more than 6 kb and my Internet speed is 128 kbps...

PS: Version 1.6.1

Do let me know if I need to provide any additional information.

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if you set your UL to about 8 it wont restrict the DL, Your firewall also may be blocking utorrent so take a look there and yer i would see with your ISP if they can open you a port or if the can explain how to port forward on the service they are supplying you with and make to to get the port number so you know what to set the port number to in utorrent.

To my understanding some ISP can block all file sharing so you also might have to change ISP if this is so but this would be your last option.

Apart from that i am running out of ideas

Hope this helps

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A good plausible deniability is to ask for a port forward so you can host a multiplayer game. µTorrent can use that same forwarded port...though there's a remote chance of problems if the game is running at the same time. Or just ask for a small port range around that port number. This saves having to ask for another port later as well as avoiding conflicts. :)

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