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Speed problems


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I have already read everything I could and followed almost every advise given. I still can't get the download speed greater than 10KB/s.

My connection speed is 640Kb/320Kb

As you can see in the following image, the files I'm downloading have lots of seeds an peers but the down speed is very poor. Please take a look at file #3: there are 35 seeds connected and 14 peers, but the download speed is just 1,5k/s!!!!!


How can I know if my ISP is filtering or blocking my p2p traffic?

How can I test my p2p speed?

Thanks in advance.

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Your connection may just be overloading due to µTorrent's current settings.

Even a 10 megabits/sec down+up connection can't handle the number of torrents you have started nicely.

Did you run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose either the xx/256k or xx/384k setting?

(These are about equally close to your 320 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth...so if you choose either one you may want to tweak your upload speed up or down a bit.)

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My settings are:

- Global number of connections: 130

- Max peers per torrent: 70

- Upload slots per torrent: 3

- Max number of torrents active: 2

- max number of active dowloads: 1

This is supposed to the the automatic configuration for xx/256.

Why is uTorrent downloading more than 1 file if I did set in the configuration to download 1?

Another thing, OpenOffice itself does not download faster than 9k.

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µTorrent starts additional torrents if already active torrents are not uploading OR downloading faster than 1 KiloBYTE/sec. There is a pair of advanced settings you can change to turn that off.

Does your ISP throttle BitTorrent traffic?

(That would explain the low speeds.)

You can try doing GOOGLE searches for your ISP and BitTorrent throttling/blocking.

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i agree first optimize your router / utorrent # of connections

also verify if you are being throttled or not.

once you balance the Router / uTorrent # of concurrent active connections, then you'll get much better ratios ~ speed

but it is hard to find out if you balanced the # if you are being throttled

you can try using a port scan to scan your ISP and checks for suitable ports to use.

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