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I am a new user of μtorrent and I am having trouble uploading torrents. I can't find any instruction about how to do this in either the program or the faq. I'm now searching the forums. I see the instructions on one of the forums—I did all that "correctly" – so why is my torrent rejected as incorrect when I make a torrent with the μtorrent program?

First of all, I try to "create torrent" from the μtorrent software, and then I try to "upload" the torrent to one of the torrent sites (e.g. mininova, and other sites). However, every time I try to do this, I get an error message telling me that I have an incorrect torrent file. So I got the "make torrent" program, and did basically the same thing, and then when I would try to upload, I receive the message "upload successful." Wonderful. Only now my new torrent shows up as "downloading" with zero percent (and nothing downloading at all), instead of as seeding. I have seen some peers connected, but they always show 0%, and a zero upload speed.

How can I upload a torrent of my own creation so that μtorrent will recognize that I have the files and will upload them? I can see that there have been over 100 downloads of my torrent already, only no one is able to download any of the data.

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