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Problem with Port Forwarding (w/some rather unusual circumstances....)


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I've more or less spent the good part of today trying to figure this out by myself but I'm at the end of my line and I'm about to toss my laptop out of my window. I'm hoping to prevent that by asking for help here, where I assume a lot of people have also had or experienced problems with BT.

My current situation:

1) I'm in the dorms, but not in the States. I'm actually currently studying in Japan.

2) The connection here is at least a T1, given by the fact that I can download files on websites at sometimes up around 500 kb/s.

3) I don't have any router information, mainly because I can't get the dorm manager to tell me.

What I've tried and what I know:

1) SecureIX won't work - I followed the configuration to a T but it's not letting me connect to the proxy server.

2) HTTP Tunnel doesn't work - I also followed the PDF for this, but either I'm missing something or this also fails.

3) UPnP and NAT-PMP functions have failed for every single port I've tried so far. And believe me, that's a lot of ports.... -_-; (I asked a friend in the Caribbeans studying for a Doctorate, and he apparantly has this problem as well where every single port seems like it's blocked or something).

4) I have set up a static IP, and I do know the external IP (in case someone asks).

5) I've read at least 5 different FAQ pages on how to get around Traffic Shaping, but I've yet to succeed in any of them - at some point I want to assume sheer luck will yield some results.

I'm hoping someone here will have had an experience like I'm having and know how to go around it, because this is incredibly frustrating. Another person living in my dorms is living it large because he has a megaupload account and can just download thru HTTP just fine. Me personally I would prefer not to do that, especially since I'm (still) just a poor college student. Thanks for your help~~

I forgot to mention - my download speeds are clocking at something like 5 kb/s each, and I only have 4 going... and let's not even talk about my upload speeds -.-; Just giving everyone an idea of the drastic change. Also, I have yet to try Azureus, though from what I understand it's not all that different from uTorrent. Anyone know if that's true or not?

EDIT 1: Well, I managed to find out that I am indeed behind a router of some sort by trying to log into the gateway, but I've expected that already. Sadly, the dorm management isn't completely stupid and doesn't have admin/admin as the password :(

I suppose essentially right now the only thing I can ask for is if there's a way to trick the firewall into thinking that the things I download is HTTP traffic as opposed to P2P Traffic. Does anyone have anything they can shed on this?

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i'm not exactly sure if we are allowed to talk about Bypassing "work" / "school" firewalls / routers.

but you already have a half decent idea of what is required.

lets put it simple, if you are not using your own connection, expect it to be Blocked on all ports, specially in school and work places. (campus dorms it is considered school)

so knowing that you know already that it is futile.

the only way to "bypass" that is to use SSH via a 3rd party PC usually home computer or some friends PC, etc.

so what you need to do is Gateway back home via SSH then you can do any kind of traffic forwarding you want.

But knowing that, you do realize then you are actually using your home connection to download rather than the dorm connection.

all it is doing it is relaying traffic from point A to point B, then finally to you at point C

so make sure you have a machine at home that you can remote control and it is online 24/7

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