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OK, I've tried almost all and still it's 'conn closed by peer' problem


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I've read (almost) all topics about this error and couldn't resolve it. The problem is that my DHT peers seem to connect OK, and when i have torrent with lots of peers and DHT on, the download goes on. The problem called 'connection closed by peer' is present, but utorrent is downloading.

Problem occurs when torrent doesn't have bunch of peers. When i try to restart torrent/update tracker, i get connected to peers for a split second, and then I'm disconnected again. uPnP device host service is running, and upnp is enabled in utorrent, but in the log i get the error 'unable to map upnp port'

My utorrent port is currently set to 19990 (although it doesn't matter; i've tried changing it, it didn't solve the problem) and random ports are disabled.

Check if port is forwarded properly returns OK, windows firewall exception is set (scope:all), and I don't have the router.

ISP isn't blocking p2p, they did it a year ago, and i solved that problem with admin.

So, if anyone knows what else could cause the problem, please help.

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Same exact story. If it's not a problem with your firewall and/or router, then it's a problem with your ISP. If they have had a history of intentionally throttling P2P and/or BitTorrent at least once, I wouldn't be surprised if history repeated itself (as it so often does).

Edit: In fact, your post is the EXACT proof we needed to be able to say that your ISP is intentionally blocking BitTorrent again. Rashkasha in that thread I linked to is using the SAME ISP as you (same hostname -- *.sbb.co.yu).

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Yeah, like I said, when they blocked me for the first time, first I tried everything, then reinstalled Windows and when i saw that the problem is still here, I knew there was something wrong with the ISP. I sent an email to admin demanding that they open my ports and they did. It looks like they randomly block users, and if someone complains he goes to the 'white list'. A lot of people wouldn't realize that sbb.co.yu is blocking their ports.

So, this post has a point: Everyone on the SBB network, as soon as you doubt for the first time that there is something wrong, bombard the admin with complains.

P.S. my utorrent works fine now, thanx Ultima.

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