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Need to Move Completed Files to new Hard Drive


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Hi there.

I was trying to find this answer myself and couldn't.

Basically I was running out of room on my hard drive. I got another one. How do I move the files I have downloaded but still allow others to download them too. I moved a few files already, then Utorrent tells me it can't find the file. Therefore others can no longer down load it too.

And yeah I'm sure this is basic n00b 101. But tell it to me anyway.

We're always asked to share, and I want to. I just needed more space which I now have. So do I have to create my own torrents now??? to get those files back up. And if so, how the hell do I do that???

Thank you all in advance.

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Thank you Ultilma...

I had the same issue as 'Whudunit' and could not find the answer myself either. The only thing I might add is that as I was already using uTorrent, I had to first remove the existing item before using the steps outlined above; now all is getting back to normal :) Thanks again!

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