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Working with incomplete torrents.......


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What i would like is to be able to go into the filelist and have 2 buttons which do the following:

1) Delete all downloaded content of INCOMPLETE files (effectively zero them out)

2) Set all these files to 'Do not download state'

Why ?

A ) Well there are a lot of .torrents that are only partially complete and have no seeders left for them to be ever completed in the (near) future. But it would like to keep seeding the incomplete torrent without flooding other clients with useless data (remember a lot of sites are ratio based), and having those imcomplete files waste my precious HD space.

Preferebly this should only be available for stopped torrents.

B ) It takes the hassle out of having to go to the download directory and manually delete all incomplete files. With a torrent as for e.g. Mame which contains 5000+ files this is a undoable job....

Well ? What do you think ?

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