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very slow download speeds


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i have windows vista home basic and road runner cable modem connection. I can't figure out how to increase my download speeds for utorrent. i am not very computer literate so i need help but when i try reading most help pages I can't figure out what i need to do. most help pages assume i know a lot about computers so i keep getting stuck and need a more dummed down help.

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Make sure you're testing while EVERYTHING ELSE besides your browser is closed. That means no downloading softwares, no chatting, no online games -- nothing besides your browser. Yes, µTorrent should be closed too. And tell us the tested upload rate (not just download).

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yes for both

info: what i have tried:

1. i have went through the entire setup guide.

2. i don't know how to do the firewall setup but i have windows firewall on right now.

3. upload speed of 422kb/s / 8 = 52.75kB/s x .8 = 42.2 i put that in the global maximum upload speed rate box

4. my isp is road runner cable modem. not sure if that is on the list. couldn't find it.


1. network status green

2. port checker writes OK port 33625 is open and accepting connections

3. speed guide settings: upload limit 42 kb/s; upload slots 4; connections per tor. 80; connections global 230; max active torrents 3; max active downloads 3; encryption enabled

4. windows vista home basic

5. security software: windows firewall; not sure how to check for any others

6. i don't have a router. my modem is a terayon tj 715x

7. road runner cable modem

8. speed test: 5715 and 427

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