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[Report] CopySelectedHost(s) to Clipboard issue


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For a couple of minutes i had a look inside my Peer List while running

µTorrent ( v.1.61 build 490 ) ( also in BETA 1.7 ! *UPDATE*) , and I had

to concider following problem by using the 'CopySelectedHosts' Function:


My String which i pasted in Notepad looked like this:


Well there are now 2 things to take notice of:

1. The part of the String with this weird , for notepad not displayabel character

which I highlighted with a red underline.

2. And secondly that trough this 'bad clipboard copying' - action apearently glitch

which makes the peers not listed like it should.

The actually wanted effect should look like this inside notepad:


Well the fix for this littel coding mistake shouldn´t be something hard to do.

Just using "\n" as EscapeSequenze causes this Problem,

so replace the "\n" at the end of the Input String with "\r\n" before you call SetClipboardData inisde your Copy Clipboard Function.



Greets MasterRed

PS. Thanks to the Programmers of µTorrent, i find your Torrent Clint pretty cool made.

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