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Bluetooth Remote Control script for uTorrent :)


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Ok, this is a strange request, I admit it. But I want to be able to see the status of my downloads from another room on my mobile phone.

If any of you have Bluetooth Remote Control installed on your computer, have some VB or Java skills and wants to put them to good use I recommend you work on this :)

This is what I want the script to do:

- see the status of my downloads (list with the following)

[name] [% complete] [time left]

- you can select a torrent and if you press OK you can see the other stats [DL & UP Speed], [seeds-Peers] [Health], etc....

- if you press the menu button you can select Pause/Resume, Stop, Delete Data, Delete Torrent file, Delete data and torrent file (with confirmation, of course), Change Priority

- Pause all torrents, Stop all torrents, Resume all torrents.

You can improvise, remove stuff, add stuff to it... do what must be done, you don't need to follow my example, I wrote it so you would have an understanding of what I want you this app to do.

I also wrote a similar message on the BRC forum, but no response, and no views either :|, So, I'm gonna try my luck here, as well...

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