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Dear Ultima. Now, I know what I got. I've done everything but I couldn't get back my money. It's fine because if I didn't lose that money, I can't have your program.

I've learned a lesson why loosing money. But I have this program and get more knowledge about downloading movies from you. I appreciate and hope to get more help from you. :(

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You can have "our" program because who you got it from didn't make it and are trying to sell something that is not theirs.

You can download with this program because there are numerous websites offering for free various .torrent files for just about anything imaginable. We don't sell that either, nor do we make it.

And btw, I didn't make µTorrent either. I just post here trying to help others trying to use it.

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I rather hate the default (no-settings) of unlimited upload speed on µTorrent.

Yes, there are LOTS of "broadband" connections with only 256 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth.

That's only 32 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed THEORETICAL max with no overheads of any kind.

But with TCP/IP, there's probably 1 bit extra needed for each 8 bits in a byte.

...and then another for BitTorrent traffic.

So that 256 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth only nets about 25 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed in µTorrent.

And people like to run multiple torrents at once with 4 or more upload slots each...so from any particular ip you might be downloading at all of 3 KiloBYTES/sec. :(

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